About Us

Karunodaya is registered as section 8 company, a not-for-profit organisation with a vision to ensure inclusive and equitable education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all children (SDGs 2030).

We are based in Gaya District, Bihar. Our approach is aligned to RTE Act 2009 and NCF 2005 indicators i.e. to ensure the education of all children between 6-14 years through enrolment and retention in the classroom by connecting knowledge to life outside the school. To enrich the curriculum to make it goes beyond textbooks by focusing on holistic and tangible solutions for improved teaching practices, creating sustainable innovative learning environments for children.

Problem Analysis : Our Approach

Gaya ranked 54 out of 101 districts - with a score of 35.14%. In the baseline ranking done under the Transformation of Aspirational District Programme, Quality Education is one of the key components of Niti Aayog under its flagship Aspirational District Program The mission of ADP1 includes meet the SDGs Commitments: Quality Education. Improvement in learning outcome in Language and Math is the measure indicators to meet quality education along with improvements and accessibility of school infrastructure.


Karunodaya envisioned transforming School in an innovative learning space where all children should excel in fundamental and foundational skills and inculcate compassionate attitude and develop their life skills.


To transform Govt. Primary and Upper Primary Schools for increasing learning level in fundamental and foundational of all children between 6-14 years through capacity building of teachers.

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Objective and Strategy

By 2025 at least 70% of retention and increment in attendance of children from class 1st to 5th in identified Govt. Primary Schools.

Half Yearly Assessment in Language and Math to measure the improvement percentage needs to be done to tract the improvement in learning level.

Assessment of recording of School Profile to tract school transformation and comparison will be done between the schools through SWOT Analysis.

Assessment of improvement in teaching approach through lesson planning and classroom intervention indicators by teachers by adapting and practicing methods and skills learned in training at CRCs and BRC training.

Uses of available technology.

Sensitization of SMCs member by organizing assigned meeting in effective manner.

Ensure proper implementation of RTE Act 2009 and NCF 2005.

Usage of library books by including library periods in classroom schedule/ timetable.

Submission of Monthly Progressive Status Report to Govt. Stakeholders and meeting for sharing strategic plan.